I am a London-based writer/director with a passion for cinematic storytelling, blending strong visuals with character-driven narratives. My debut feature film Struck premiered at Aesthetica last year and is now available on Amazon Prime Video UK & US. 

Trouble Will Find Us, my second feature film starring Ruth Kearney and Dylan Edwards, is currently in post-production.

Awards & Official Selections:

Monochrome Film Festival 2019 (won Best Actor)

British Shorts 2019 (nominated Best Drama)

Maryland International Film Festival 2019 (nominated Best Drama)

Fastnet Film Festival 2019 (nominated Best Drama)

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2018 (nominated Best Feature Drama)

The Smalls Film Festival 2018 (nominated Best Drama)

East End Film Festival 2018 (nominated Audience Award)

Dingle International Film Festival 2018 (nominated Audience Award)

FilmBath 2017 (nominated Audience Award)

Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2017 (nominated Audience Award)

+44 (0)79 4395 8443

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